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and the legacy continues...

Okay, I was out earlier today at a chain store we all know, and I'm pushing my cart along.  I notice as I get over to the toys section (where I try very hard to ignore Yu-Gi-Oh! items, especially the cards) there is a ten-year-old kid with a Ramones t-shirt on ambling around.  He is with his father, and I was dying to be really nosy and ask if the t-shirt was a hand-me-down or the youngster really digs The Ramones. The kid was never more than a foot away from Dad, and it would've been weird to address either of them so randomly. If the kid had looked at me I might've given him a thumbs-up sign and pointed at his chest.  I did not, however, so the mystery will remain intact.  All I know is that this kid, whether it's he himself or his dad that is the fan - this kid knows what "ONE-TWO-TREE-FAW!" means.  And so all is right with the world...

(My mother, on a stealth mission, found and threw away my own Ramones t-shirt when I was fourteen.  For this, there is no forgiveness.  You can throw away the shirt, but you cannot erase the three-chord epiphany..)
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