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there's no stoppin' the cretins from hoppin'

Now that we've all been made maintainers of this place, how about a thread on how or when you discovered punk of the 70's NYScene variety? Here goes for me:

  I was this wee little teen living in the Bible Belt around '77.  There was no good music on the radio.  The days of decent pop when I was sprouting - long gone.  In Tennessee you had stuff like The Little River was grim, my friends.

Then things all sort of coalesced.  I bought my first CREEM magazine and there was a spread on Patti Smith in there.  I read about all these bands I'd never heard of and it all seemed so dynamic and new.  I don't know which came first...Patti Smith or The Ramones.  But those were my first discoveries of the stuff that lay waiting.   I had been into Bruce Springsteen back in the lean hungry Bruce days.  Then all of a sudden Patti Smith is on the radio singing "Because The Night," co-written with him. I bought Easter on cassette and had to hide it from my mom. Then I bought Rocket To Russia and knew that there was a whole new ballgame going on on this adjacent field to mainstream radio. YESSS.  Record Bar still existed back in those days and I would get someone to drive me into Chattanooga and I'd paw through their import section, which was more or less two rows of English bands.  I bought The Clash, the first album and then I transformed overnight into this little punker who spent all the money she made working at Taco Bell part-time on albums.  Paydays were so great - I'd come home with five or six albums at a time.  Blondie, Television, The Dead Boys, etc. 

It was like the world shifted.  I started dressing strange for my conservative high school (343 members, give or take) and took to converting all the friends who whould listen. I started thinking outside the sleeve.  But yeah, for me....CREEM was the match to the fire for me. 

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yeah, whats with the maintainers thing?
my story is very different...
i am 16 and i live in sydney. i was your average poser teen, listening to the misfits and the sex pistols, hanging out with my little poser group until one day my mum told me to rent a movie called 'rock'n'roll highschool'
i immediately fell in love with the ramones and went out and got a tonne of albums. for christmas my mum got me patti smith's 'horses', which i at first thought was too arty and did not get at all. i then started listening to the new york dolls, and the cramps, and loved them both.
the next year i met a group of teenagers who were into original punk music, one of which i ended up going out with (and still am 17th months later). he gave me a copy of 'blank generation' and convinced me to try 'horses' again, and made me buy all of the stooges albums. my uncle lent me a copy of 'marquee moon' which i loved and i started to buy blonde, dead boys, and heartbreakers records.
now my top five bands are ramones, cramps, patti smith group, stooges and richard hell and the voidiods. i like english punk, but new york is definately far superior.